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Pink Dust


The must-see play by Ed Waugh

Back by popular demand

Bread & Roses Theatre, Clapham

22nd - 24th April 2024

Newcastle Theatre Royal

27th - 28th April 2024

The brilliant story of heroic WWI Munitionettes who not only selflessly served the war effort on the home front from 1914 to 1918 but also played football to raise money for charity. 


Hundreds of Munitionette teams were formed nationally, including dozens in the North East. As tens of thousands of people attended the matches female football superstars were born, including Blyth Spartan's Ladies' striker Bella Reay.


Netting 133 goals in 30 matches, Wor Bella was the Alan Shearer of her day! 


Sadly, the incredible story of these self-sacrificing Munitionette footballers has largely been forgotten...until now!


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[IMAGE:] Blyth Spartans Ladies - Munitionette Cup winners 1918

Back (L to R): Hannah Weir, Lizzie James, Nellie Fairless

Centre row  (L to R): Agnes Sample, Martha O'Brien, Bella Metcalf

Front row (L to R): Dollie Allan, Annie Allan, Bella Reay, Ada Reed, Jennie Morgan

Open Books

Geordie Plays (Volume 1)

Playwright Ed Waugh's new book of plays is out soon!

Published by Tyne Bridge publishing, Geordie Plays (Volume 1) comprises Carrying David, Hadaway Harry and The Great Joe Wilson

For more details about the launch and the book click here.

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