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Calling all Heroes!

Donations to The Alan Shearer Foundation

Wor Bella play programmes/scripts will be sold for £5 in Clapham and at the Newcastle Theatre Royal. All proceeds will be donated to the fantastic Alan Shearer Foundation, based in Newcastle.

Collections after the 2022 tour raised £500. We are hoping to increase that in 2024!

A huge thanks to Potts Prints UK (Cramlington) for the printing and supplying of the Wor Bella programmes.




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The Bread & Roses Theatre

- Tickets are on sale now (22-24 April)

Wor Bella tickets are on sale for The Bread & Roses Theatre.




Wor Bella

- a poem by David Coe (December 2023)




Thank you to David Coe, of North Shields, Tyne and Wear, for this poem, Wor Bella, celebrating the life and football achievements of Blyth's Bella Reay.

"Wor Bella"


This is the story of a legend called Bella

Whose football skills could equal any fella

On the South dock of Blyth she took up her station

Doing her bit for the town as well as the nation 

Grafting 60 hours a week alongside her own kind

Munitions were the refuge for women left behind

It was noisy and dirty, it was dangerous and tough

But this Cowpen lass she was made of hard stuff

In those factory conditions where team spirit grew

A deep sense of community all these women knew

Since 1915 the football league had been suspended

So Bella and her mates took to the pitch as intended

Formed their own teams to help those families in need

Via charity matches with their own munitions cup league

Scoring a 133 goals in just that one season of time

Bella the centre forward she was one of a kind

A remarkable performance she really set the bar

In those two short years she had come really far

Her record and performance remains quite stellar

In the history of north east football up there is Bella

This Spartan lass earned the title, her pride and her place

To be up there among the greats we should all know her face

Today there’s so many footballers to talk about and inspire

But let’s not forget wor Bella she was someone to admire


Geordie Plays (Vol.1), by Ed Waugh, is available to buy online

Playwright Ed Waugh's book of fabulous, North East (Geordie) history plays is now out! More than 500 copies sold.

Published by Tyne Bridge Publishing, Newcastle, Geordie Plays (Vol.1) comprises:


Carrying David

Hadaway Harry

The Great Joe Wilson

"Harry Clasper, Joe Wilson and Glenn McCrory; three Tyneside heroes, each with a magnificent tale to tell. It's important we are still talking about these icons who have added so much to our culture. And in his Geordie Plays, Ed Waugh brings to the stage the essence of what it means to battle against all odds to make an impact, in what is often a brutal and unforgiving world. The plays also reveal so much about how important regional heritage is and how the North East has a unique cultural identity that makes its people proud ." - Tyne Bridge Publishing.

Also available to purchase via the Waterstones book retailer website.

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