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Defeated finalists in the 1919 Munitionettes' Cup final v. Palmer (Jarrow) on 22 March 1919.

Palmers won the match at St. James' Park, Newcastle, with the only goal of the game scored by Bella Reay (9,000 attendance).


The date of the team photograph, below, is unknown. Only eight of the players played in the 1919 Munitionettes' final.

The likely reasons are because of injury, leaving the industry at the end of the war in November 1918, giving up playing for personal reasons, and we know Winnie McKenna was brought in from Bolckow, Vaughan Co., Ltd., of Middlesbrough, as an outside player, which may have meant a regular being "rested".

The Brown's cup final team was:

Florrie Holmes, E. Cambridge, R. Knight (likely Harriet Knight), M. Hodgson, N. Henderson, Nellie Stott (captain), Mary Dorrian, Nellie Kirk, Winnie McKenna, M. McPherson and E. Ferguson.


The Palmers team comprised:

Lizzie Green, A Malone, Lizzie Gibson, Bella Willis (Armstrong Whitworth's), Lizzie Form (captain), E. Drinkeld, Beattie Taylor, E. Graham, Bella Reay (Blyth Spartans Ladies), Mary Lyons, Minnie Seed (Gosforth Aviation).



Bella Reay (Blyth Spartans Ladies), Minnie Seed (Gosforth Aviation) and Bella Willis (Armstrong Whitworth's) were outside players drafted in by Palmers for the final.


Christopher Brown's team

Back (L to R): M. Hodgson, E. Cambridge, G. Kelley, M. McKenzie (at rear),  N. Henderson, Harriet Knight, Matilda Booth

Front (L to R): Mary Dorrian, Norah Murray, Nellie Scott, M. McPherson, E. Ferguson


Mary Dorrian of Christopher Brown, Hartlepool.

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