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Florrie SHORT

Although not mentioned in the squad two days before the final, the team photograph of 1918 shows Florence "Florrie" Short second from the right on the front row. 

Our thanks to Paul A. Boden, the son of Florrie's first cousin and a family historian, for the following information.


"One of ten children, Florrie was born on 1 December 1892, in Eston, to parents James Short and Annie Stephenson Sivil.

In 1901 her father and older brother William, a keen footballer, were working for Bolckow and Vaughan in Grangetown.

unnamed (2)_edited.jpg

Florrie Short and Winnie McKenna (with ball at feet) in 1918
The 'Bolckow, Vaughan' cup final team. Florrie is second from the right, front row.

In 1911, aged 18, Florrie was a domestic servant at number 8 Lee Road. The rest of the family were living in number 38 Lee Road. 


In September 1914, William enlisted in the 8th Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment known as The Green Howards. William's friend Francis Havelock also enlisted. I am not sure when Florrie started courting Frank Havelock. He was the nephew of Francis Havelock. 

On 6 August 1916, William won the VC [Victoria Cross medal]. Tragically, he died the next day. 

Florrie's sweetheart Frank Havelock was with William when he died. Sadly, Frank died two months later on 7 October 1916. 

I believe it was in 1916 that Florrie, who'd have been 23, started working for Bolckow and Vaughan. Eventually, she became a crane driver and played football for Bolckow and Vaughan Ladies. 

In 1918,  Florrie played in a charity match against Smith Dock’s Ladies to raise money for Hemlington Hospital and represented the team during The Munitionettes' Cup run of 1918. 

In 1920 Florrie married John O Hanlon. They had three children William, Annie and John. 

During WW2 the family home at 22 Leighton Road, Grangetown suffered substantial damage when the house next door took a direct hit. Florrie was badly shocked for a long time.


Who knows what would have happened if Florrie and countless women like her had been allowed to continue to play football if it hadn't been banned by the FA in 1921."

Florrie Short_edited.jpg

Florrie Short
Two images of Florrie in her late 20s (left) and early 20s (right, standing). 
The image on the right is believed to have been taken for Bolckow, Vaughan. The woman sitting is unknown.

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