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Supported by Durham and Northumberland

Please note: This offer only applied to the 2022 tour of Wor Bella

Thanks to support from the North East Area Miners’ Social Welfare Trust Fund, ex-miners and their spouses/partners are invited to attend the incredible story of Wor Bella, the Blyth miner's daughter who rose to fame as the superstar of WW1 women's football. 


Bella Reay was "the Alan Shearer of her day",  scoring 133 goals in 30 matches between 1918/19. Bella also led her Blyth Spartans Ladies side to victory in the 1918 Muntionette's Cup final in front of 22,000 people. This incredible story of selfless women during WW1  is brought to you by the team behind the hugely successful Hadaway Harry, Carrying David and The Great Joe Wilson.


Written by Ed Waugh, directed by Russell Floyd and starring Lauren Waine as Bella Reay, this is a remarkable story about brave and heroic women who worked 60 hours a week in dangerous occupations to save the WW1 war effort and still found time to play football to raise money for charity (for injured soldiers, widows and orphans).


A few years later, their footballing fundraising efforts during the bitter miners' strike of 1921 led to the FA banning women's football!


Ex-miners, their spouses/partners will only be asked to pay £5 for a programme/script to reserve their seat.


Either contact Ed Waugh on (0191) 4550608  - please speak slowly and repeat your number twice - or email


This offer will cease at 5pm on Friday, March 18.

We're looking forward to seeing you. Click here for venues, dates and times.

VIDEO: Wor Bella information
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